Ramon1Alborán Golf has undoubtedly become the new reference for golf in the south of Spain, located in a province that boasts the highest number of daylight hours in all Europe. As the old advertising slogan says, Almería is where the sun goes to spend the winter.

Along with its enviable climatic conditions, the Alborán Golf course spreads out over an exceptional piece of land. It is located in front of the Cabo de Gata natural park, next to the beach and it is just 5 minutes away from an international airport and 15 minutes away from the city centre. It is simply superb, and, at this moment , there is no other spot on the Mediterranean coasts that could hope to match it.

However, the Alborán Golf Course has a lot more than just this to offer. A par 18-hole championship course that complies with all requirements necessary to host the highest level competitions. In fact, it passed all the tests carried out by the Spanish Royal Golf Federation, which led to its designation as the official host for the Almería Mediterranean Games in 2005. All the delegations that took part in the tournament spoke highly of both the design and the way the course was carefully maintained.

What’s more, one of our maxims when building and running courses is to ensure golfers can enjoy excellent greens, fairways and other elements on the course. To this end, state-of-the-art technological innovations have been applied to take care of all the details, ranging from an irrigation system that produces great savings on energy due to its low electrical consumption. A radiofrequency irrigation control that makes it possible to make the most of the water resources.

Environmental respect is, of course, another of our premises. Thanks to this innovative irrigation system, and to the use of cespitose species that need little water, we have been able to make the most of our irrigation water, and of the wastewater from the nearby town, which is recycled in a water treatment plant close to the golf course.

Respect for the environment was also a factor when designing the 18 holes and when choosing the plant species. Palm trees, olive trees, pine trees, prickly pears, pitas, etc. form most of the arboreal species used, to avoid the visual impact of a semi-desert environment and the watercourses that existed in the area have been respected and are used as natural spillways for rainfall and also to provide greater incentive to the lay-out of the holes.

Likewise, strategic positions were also chosen for the bunkers on the course, more than fifty. At each hole, golfers, both experienced ones and those who have been playing the sport for less than two hours, must negotiate sand traps to reach their goal, and, if they do so, their reward will be their arrival at the extensive greens, which, nonetheless, conceal gentle slopes that put another obstacle that must be overcome on the course.

The strategic position of the 1st, 9th, 10th and 18th holes close by the clubhouse and in the areas around the car park, is another characteristic of the Alborán Golf Club, which also boasts many different training areas (a putting-green, approach areas, etc.) so that golfers can avail of everything they may need to enjoy a great golf day.

Mr Ramón Espinosa García – Bermúdez

Dr. Agriculturist